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The State of The Lodi Real Estate Market in 2022

Lodi has experienced a steady population growth rate over the years, which makes it one of the most lucrative places to invest in real estate. With that being said, we are going to delve deeper rather than speak about the demand and suppl...

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What is Foreclosure?

What is Foreclosure? Purchasing a home has rarely been a simple process, but over the years, inflation and rising interest rates have made the process of buying a house even more challenging. One option is to purchase a foreclosed p...

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What Does Pre-foreclosure Mean?

What Does Pre-foreclosure Mean? Pre-foreclosure is a legal proceeding that can result in your house being repossessed when you’re unable to service your loan. The rise in inflation, among prevailing conditions in the market, has...

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What does Rural Mean in Real Estate Terms?

What does Rural Mean in Real Estate Terms? Rural residential property is a piece of land that’s used for residential property located away from the city. It can also be used for agriculture. When speaking about rural, it covers ma...

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Our New Office Building

How I Found It It all started as a goal of mine for 2022. My most important goal in 2022 was to buy commercial building.  I wanted it to be in Old Town and I wanted it to be on one of two streets; either C Street or 4th Street so that I can...

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My Journey

Many of my 17 years in real estate was done from home. When my youngest went off to college in 2021, I suddenly found my home a little emptier than usual. I felt a desire to get back into an office instead of working from home. Thanks to...

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